Registration Is On Going For The Startup Anambra 2.0 Conference

Registration is now on for the Startup Anambra 2.0 conference schedule to hold in November 10, 2018 in Awka. Startup Anambra is a non-profit, non-governmental community of Startup founders/co-founders, innovative business owners, ideators, creators, software developers, business developers, investors as well as technology enthusiasts who are passionate about building innovative businesses cum business ecosystem in Anambra State and beyond.
This year, Startup Anambra shall be hosting the biggest and the largest startup technology conference in the South-East/South-South of Nigeria. The event which is targeting to accommodate over two thousand (2000) participants will be happening at the Capital City of Anambra State, Awka. The Theme of this years’ event is: “Connect, Learn and Disrupt” and the event is hashtag-ed #StartupAnambra2.0.
#StartupAnambra2.0 Conference is an annual event of the community geared towards creating an enabling environment for innovative young people in, from, within and outside Anambra state to learn, connect, network, access opportunities and explode. It also gives them the ability and the right platform to showcase their brand and connect to potential investors. The event is targeted at young people (Businesses) who are passionate about re-writing their entrepreneurship story from the conventional business of the old to building a Trans-generational Business driven by Technology and Innovations.
On the 10th of November 2018, Startup Anambra will not just be changing dimensions of opportunities; it will also be changing speed, direction and focus of young creative minds and will make funds available to startups. Startups will also receive coaching and mentorship to become more successful. Moreover, startups will be to connected to opportunities which will help boast their presence both within and across the country.