Olatorera Oniru: Making Good With DressMeOutlet

Mrs Olatorera Oniru is an assiduous and an accomplished entrepreneur who is passionate about all things and in Africa. She is the CEO of Dressmeoutlet.com, who is currently leading initiatives to realize a pinnacle in Africa’s history whereby we would rely less on importation and innovate more with natural resources and citizenry capabilities. She is a member of The National Scholars Honor Society USA. She has worked for two Fortune Top 5 companies namely Bank of America Merrill Lynch and General Electric. She also worked for one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, Lars Magnus Ericsson, as a global consultant and later as Head of Sales Governance. During the course of my employed years, she has travelled to several cities on more than 8 counties.

OLATORERA ONIRU, CEO Dressmeoutlet.Com

She has a scholarship-based Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree from the prestigious Emory University USA and Executive Management Certificates from Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden and International Institute for Management Development, Switzerland.
Mrs Olatorera Oniru is Passionate about entrepreneurship, retail development, economic development, creativity, innovation, poverty alleviation, good governance and happy people. She loves to speak on change, entrepreneurship and development. She has been involved with many prestigious leadership events with the aim of seeing Nigeria transitioned into one of the world’s fastest growing economies.
She is a founder of Nigeria’s foremost leadership program, Top 100 Our Generation, in 2007; a company that brought together and inspired many of today’s young leaders. She was nominated by the Future Nigeria Awards for Best Use of Advocacy in 2007 and was a finalist for Hearst Corporation’s ‘Cover girl of the year’ award in 2008. While in college, I she served as a senator for academic affairs and founded the Association of African Students. She is currently a member of Lioness of Africa and Africa’s best. Her enterprise, Dressmeoutlet.com commenced full operations in January 2016 and is constantly growing and she has been able to employ more than twenty (20) people.

Question: How did you build up an entrepreneurial spirit, do you believe you were born with it or you developed it?

Answer: What I’m sure I was born with is the love for people, the dream to succeed and the passion for Nigeria and Africa as a whole. What I was able to develop along the way through education would be the financial acumen, business knowledge and technology mastery needed to grow and excel in the e-commerce industry.

Question: What are Challenges of doing business at the early stages

Answer: The main challenges faced were centred on catching up with international level of quality and excellence. I have a very low tolerance for anything not close to perfect at Dressmeoutlet.com. I believe customer service and the products being retailed should be as close to perfect as possible as that is one sure way to ensure customer loyalty and returns.
It is a bit difficult to come close to perfection in a country like Nigeria where the educational system has failed many, infrastructure is poor making it difficult for people to come on time to work, electricity is not stable, internet connectivity is slow and many other issues still plaguing the nation in 2016. Nonetheless, at Dressmeoutlet.com, we aim to avoid excuses and work as hard as possible towards achieving set goals regardless of status quos beyond our control.

 Mrs Olatorera Oniru says “Learn, learn, learn and work, work, work. Knowledge and experience yield power. Power is expertise”. The strength that keeps her going. 

Question: If You Could Turn The Time, What Would You Love To Do Better In Regards To Your Business?

Answer: Right now, in all honesty, nothing! We’ve worked super hard and we continue to work super hard. We have a great team of relentlessly ambitious people at Dressmeoutlet.com. I’m content, if not super happy, with the results to date. We want to and will continue growing exponentially. When asked if it is easy to be an entrepreneur, this is what she has to say;
’’Of course not but it is very rewarding and most often enjoyable. So enjoyable most times that when I’m into it I keep going, giving up sleep just to continuing seeing greater results. Being an entrepreneur requires relentless tenacity. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone but for those who find it to be their true calling, it is enjoyable’’.
To Mrs Olatorera Oniru like any other women entrepreneur, combining work with family could be challenging but her strength in hard times lies in her family. She said, “My family they means everything to me. Usually all I need is to see, hear, cuddle or be with my husband and kids and I’m fully renewed”.

She was asked on her thoughts on entrepreneurship for young people especially in an economy where jobs are hard to find? She said:

“Entrepreneurship is very essential and we need as many young people with true passions for entrepreneurship delving into it as much as possible. Start from somewhere and work your way up to the top of your passion, impacting lives and living your dreams”.
Mrs Olatorera Oniru defines Success to be “achieving your goals and maximizing your opportunities to yield results”. Most successful people work very hard with the goal of helping others. “Success therefore is living your life by impacting lives and being happy. Success is you defining your happiness in relations to helping other people”. She said “I am happy, I go to work every single day and I’m happy going to work. Outside of work, I’m happy.
I’m living my life and impacting lives”. Mrs Olatorera said to succeed in business; it takes relentless tenacity and a passion for what you do and for people. Why are we retailing fashion and beauty at Dressmeoutlet.com? Because we want to help people look good and feel good. Why do we provide top notch customer service? Because we want to put a smile on our customers’ faces.
Why do we dispatch all orders within 24 hours? Because we know that once a customer clicks “place order” on Dressmeoutlet.com, they eagerly anticipate touching the product they ordered. All our processes at Dressmeoutlet.com are centered on ensuring our customers have a seamless shopping experience.
This is what it takes to succeed in business. Putting your customers’ satisfaction at the frontline of your business decisions is key. She advised the younger Nigerian who want to go into any form of entrepreneurship business to learn and gained requisite experience and knowledge with which the need to drive the business. Give it all you’ve got and if for some reason you fail; you are a winner because you gave it all you’ve got. So now, what’s stopping you? Go for it!