Abuja Enterprise Agency Improving Shea Butter Exports

The Abuja Enterprise Agency at the weekend stated that Shea Butter is the primary cash crop that has been picked by the agency for export in a bid to boost the revenue of farmers and also improve the revenue of the country through non-oil export.

‎The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Arabi Muhammed Tukur who was represented by the Principal Manager, Mr Chudi Ezirigwe at the meeting with Commerce and Industry Journalists revealed that the agency had already ‎set up Shea butter plants in the Capital Territory to process the products in the actualisation of the export vision.

‎‎Arabi noted that said: ‎”We have set up a shea butter processing plant which we are working on expanding with a view to producing grade A Shea butter for export. We also have the cassava processing centre in Kwali area council.”

He said that the agency has a lot of programs aimed at reducing the level of unemployment in the country.

For instance, he said that a one Stop shop has been opened by the government in the agency to support the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

He said the objective of the one-stop shop is to have a system where information to support the setting up of a business is domiciled in one location rather than the previous practice of moving from one place to the other.

He said: “We have a mandate to reduce unemployment and create wealth for the people.

“We offer business advisory services through our business counsellors and creating access to finance for business start-up and entrepreneurs whose businesses are facing challenges.

“We also offer different categories of training tailored to meet the demands of entrepreneurs.

“We also have a credit risk department responsible to galvanising access to finance for businesses.”


Source: Nigerian Tribune