Renmoney Opens Mobile Centres To Enhance Access To Loans

Renmoney; a Nigerian fintech lending company that also provides investment solutions has commenced with establishing its mobile experience centres across Lagos.

These mobile experience centres will deepen financial inclusion and also improve lending to its customers.

The centres are equipped to enable customers complete end-to-end transactions at their convenience.

Hence, these mobile centers would move across different locations in Lagos.

This would help cater for small business owners and salary earners who need access to credit.

“These mobile centres will provide easy access to people who need to reach us, without them having to travel too far”. Iyayi Oludapo, the company’s Head of Sales said.

Oluwatobi Boshoro; the Chief Executive Officer also spoke about how the company will continue to make innovation a priority.

“As a business, we are continually addressing barriers to financial inclusion in Nigeria and we will continue to find innovative ways to deliver the best service to our customers,” Boshoro said.