Diamond Business Advantage: A Financial Product For Small Businesses

The Diamond Business Advantage is an Access Bank product to assist emerging businesses in growing without worrying about money.

It is designed to meet the funding needs of new and established businesses.

It also helps start-ups in making better business decisions, managing cost, and structuring their services to access local and international markets.


business advisory services; payment solutions and personal credit cards; and over 50 courses on the SMEZone.

  • Invitation to monthly Business Webinar, Business Clinic and Newsletter.
  • Membership of Diamond Club.
  • Fee Waiver.
  • Zero Current Account Maintenance Fee.

The Diamond Business Advantage is available to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the Agriculture, Trading, Education, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Health sectors.

To open a Diamond Business Advantage Account, visit http://bit.ly/31oZWi6