AB Microfinance Bank Offers SME Loans Of Up To N20m

AB Microfinance Bank Nigeria is a foreign-owned financial institution, based in Lagos state, which offers a broad range of financial services like SME loans to micro, small and medium scale enterprises in a quick, transparent and efficient way.

Existing businesses can access loans from N3,000,001 to N20,000,000 with interest rate starting from 3.0% monthly on reducing balance and maturity period from six to 24 months with equal monthly instalments.

New clients can access SME Business loans from N3,000,001 to N10,000,000 with interest rate of 3.0% – 4.7% (on reducing balance)

A broad range of collateral items are accepted and the disbursement fee for the loans accessible is 1.0% of the loan amount.

Loans are disbursed within a week upon submission of required documents.

To request for a loan visit https://www.ab-mfbnigeria.com/calculator.php

* Prospective borrowers aren’t required to have saved any money with AB Microfinance Bank before applying for a loan, as the bank does not support forced savings, all that is needed is an existing, viable business.