Fidelity Bank’s Business Plus Account Offers Access To Loans

Fidelity Bank, possibly Nigeria’s frontline SME-focused banking group, strengthened its stake to this admirable position on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, with the successful start of its planned nationwide series of SME Funding Connect events.

Tagged ‘‘Entrepreneurship Meets Capital’’, the maiden event in Lagos, lived up to its billing of providing a platform for owners of Small and Medium Enterprises (Founders) to meet investors and venture capitalists (Funders).

For founders in search of start-up opportunities, the event provided a window to match their ideas with the right investors. Beyond that, however, Fidelity Bank used the event to launch a new product targeted at aspiring and practising Small Business Owners, namely, the Business Plus Account.

What is the Business Plus Account, and are the features that should endear it to Small Business Owners?

Packaged as a complete business solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that is more than just a bank Account, Fidelity Bank positions the Business Plus Account as what a Small Business Owner needs to get a business off to a flying start. The features of this current account include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Low maintenance fee.
  2. Free Sage One Accounting Software.
  3. Free Business Advisory Services.
  4. Access to Loans

The Fidelity Bank Business Plus Account promises to automate such business processes as account reconciliation, invoicing, inventory and preparation of accounts. In addition to enabling online payments, it also offers web-based mobile support that enable account holders to run their businesses anywhere and anytime, including analytics to track product lines, customer information, sales history, etc.

With the promise of access to loans, the Fidelity Bank Business Plus Account is certainly worthy of a closer look by any Small Business Owner in search of loanable funds. The business support services and business automation software might just be some added bonuses.

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