NIRSAL Ready To Finance Your Agribusiness

Are you a smallholder farmer, farmer leader or aggregator? NIRSAL Plc invites you to key into its Agro Geo-Cooperative model which enables sustainable access to governance, finance, quality inputs and structured markets for farming projects. The programme aims to create 16,000 Agro Geo-Cooperatives, ranging from 10 hectares to 20,001 hectares and more, on four million hectares of farmland. It will enrol about eight million farmers across Nigeria who are expected to produce about 12 million metric tonnes of Grain Product Equivalent (GPE) annually over the medium to long term. Community leaders, individuals, enterprises, corporate bodies, graduates, N-Power beneficiaries, active or retired leaders and farmers can access this programme. Participants in the ADP programme, World Bank FADAMA Programme, USAID Markets Programme, IFAD Value Chain Development Programme, World Bank Climate Adaptation and Business Support Programme, AfDB Agriculture Programme, DFID Propcom Maikarfi Programme, and Sassakawa Global 2000 Programme can also participate in the programme. Entrepreneurs involved or interested in the agribusiness sector are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to create employment and generate income, by supporting the productive activities of their self-organised Agro Geo-Cooperatives. Applicants for the programme must meet NIRSAL Plc’s eligibility requirements and be domiciled in or have access to their communities and farmers. Below is a listing of contact persons for the programme:
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