Deloitte Africa Offers SME Advisory Services

Deloitte Africa has announced the launching of Deloitte Private in West Africa.

Deloitte Private is an initiative that enables SMEs, family businesses, startups and private companies to work with a dedicated Deloitte trusted advisor who draws from the extensive experience gained from working with companies of all sizes and direct access to a wide network of Deloitte professionals with niche specializations to provide you an all-round tailored advice and in many cases immediate assistance to current problems.

Deloitte Private is exclusively dedicated to serving private companies of all sizes including local entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), startups, family businesses, large private companies, private equity funds including portfolio companies, and individuals.

The launch was held in partnership with the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) under its Growth Board program.

The Growth Board, launched in January 2020, is a specialized board for emerging businesses with high growth potential, aims to encourage SMEs to get listed on the exchange.

Speaking on Deloitte Private Services and offerings, Deloitte’s Chief Executive and West Africa Leader, Fatai Folarin, said: “small companies have the potential to become tomorrow’s multi-nationals and entrepreneurs have the passion to become future business leaders.”

Folarin, also stated that the collaboration with the NSE on the initiative was essential to boosting investors’ confidence and would ultimately accelerate growth in Nigeria.

The firm stressed that the launch of the initiative would accelerate growth in the private market segment, support and build capacity for small businesses and help SMEs navigate the complexities in the operating environment to scale exponentially.

Deloitte Private is currently accessible via web here