How to Attract Customers for Your Business Using Social Media

The world is changing and so are the habits of your customers, today businesses who do not want to be left behind are incorporating social media into their marketing activities. If you want to go where the eyeballs are, you need to have social media presence across platforms where your customers are.

But it is not enough to just have a social media page or make posts periodically on your page(s) if you want to really gain the benefits it promises, you need to be able to take strategic steps that guarantee you returns like customers for instance.

The first step to attracting customers on social media as on any other platform is to have a clearly defined picture of your target customer is, by having a customer profile you are better able to channel your content to respond to their needs even as it saves you effort and costs.

So, now that you know who your customer is, what do you do to ensure that you’re able to attract customers through your social media activities?

  1. Active Listening And EngagementOne sure way to attract customers through social media is by actively engaging in the conversations, groups, and accounts that are important to your customers. Because it can often be too noisy, it is important to use social listening tools like social listen and also dedicate time to answering questions, or enquiries and sharing comments that are generally valuable to your customers. You will find that if your comments are helpful enough, potential customers would want to know more about your business and would definitely patronize you if you’re a good fit.
  2. Create Valuable Content– The type of content you share on your social media pages would to a large extent determine whether your social media marketing efforts brings in positive results or not. Your ability to attract should not be overly focused on generating sales at least not directly for 80% of your posts, they should be diverse enough to educate, entertain, and inform your target audience. Your potential customers would be attracted by how much value your content brings to them. The content you share can be in various formats like video, images, or text but whatever you share, ensure it brings them value.
  3. Build Relationship– Before you start anything on social media, you must realize that whatever social media platform you’re on, that it is a social platform first and not an e-commerce site. For you to be able to optimize your gains from such platforms you be ready to socialize. Social media gives businesses easy one-to-one access to their customers or potential customers, by taking advantage of that and building relationship with your customers you make it easy to attract customers and even retain those customers for longer.
  4. Social Media Ads– For the best results your social media marketing efforts should be a combination of organic (that’s without payment) and inorganic marketing. Your reach on social media is restricted by the algorithm, this means you can only reach a limited number of customers at a time, by advertising on the different platforms that you’re on you gain access to a wider audience of customers for your business.

Social media marketing is not always as simple as it seems but with the combination of an excellent strategy and consistency you’re able to build trust, authority and establish relationships that will results in more customers for your business.