AfDB Invites Pitches From Agripreneurs

The African Development Bank’s Youth Agripreneur AgriPitch Competition in partnership with DealRoom aims to connect expansion-ready, youth-led African businesses with global investors (debt, equity and/grant).

The goal of the AgriPitch Competition is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in agriculture among youth in Africa and to generate jobs, create wealth and improve livelihoods through inclusive growth across the continent.

Shortlisted businesses will participate in a virtual AgriPitch Competition from November 16-20, 2020, where winners will be chosen based on different categories under consideration.

The African Development Bank will award shortlisted businesses between US$10,000 and US$40,000 in the form of grant capital (US$120,000 in total is committed).


Companies that are in one of the following categories are eligible to apply for the AgriPitch Competition and Virtual Investor DealRoom:

Must be in an Agribusiness sector under any of these categories:

  • Start-ups: Must have a clearly defined prototype or proof of concept and may or may not have had any products introduced to the market.
  • Matured Start-ups: firms with existing market traction: technology, product, service, etc., already on the market with a clear investment ask and growth plan & strategy.
  • Women Empowered Businesses: In addition to the criteria for a mature start-up, firms must have at least 51% share of women ownership or founded by a woman.

Evaluation Criteria

All applicants should consider these criteria carefully as they build out their profile for submission.

  • Value Proposition and Innovation Rationale (30% weighting):
  1. How creative is the idea or how creatively the idea solves a problem related to ICT and agri-digitisation?
  2. Gender responsiveness
  3. Addresses nutrition
  4. Job creation potential
  5. Competitive edge
  • Sustainability and Scalability (20% weighting):
  1. Sound environmental management systems
  2. Potential for scaling-up
  3. Sufficient and qualified staff, including management
  • Business Feasibility & Traction (30% weighting):
  1. Clear customer pain/need intensity and market size
  2. Commercial and technically feasible with strong profit margins
  3. Existing traction and customers (for matured start-ups)
  • Professionalism and Presentation of Business (5% weighting):
  1. Structure and presentation of the business model
  2. Ease of comprehension of the business
  3. Strong writing/presentation skills
  • Investment Appeal (15% weighting):

Investment pull based on respective early start-up, matured start-up, and all-star stage.

How to Apply

Indicate your interest in African Development Bank’s AgriPitch competition by filling out the required details here