Apply For The Ashoka/Boehringer Ingelheim Accelerator 2021

The Making More Health (MMH) Co-creation Accelerator is a structured social enterprise support program consisting of 12 months of design and implementation to pilot a new strategy or element of a business model, culminating in a pitch for further scale-up.

The winners of this pitch will continue into a second 12-month phase of scale-up support of the test/pilot. In both phases of the program, participants will have access to financial and technical support from Ashoka, Boehringer Ingelheim and social investment experts.

The MMH accelerator is a collaboration between Ashoka – one of the world’s largest networks of social entrepreneurs and Boehringer Ingelheim – a family-owned, world-leading and research-driven Pharmaceutical company. To bring together the best experience in social innovation and global healthcare to improve health-care access for people and animals in under-served communities around the world.


Professional growth – The program offers participants multiple opportunities for professional growth and development in their entrepreneurial journey. Includes in-person and online workshops and seminars on topics about operations, systems change, replication & transfer, social finance, and new leadership among others.

Technical expertise – As participants develop and test strategies to unlock their potential for scale and sustainability, they have access to expert advice from experienced professionals at Boehringer Ingelheim through a curated Executive in Residence (EiR) or expert engagement program. The program also engages several consultants to offer tailored expert support to participants in areas such as investor engagement, communications and pitching.

Strategic networks – Accelerator participants become part of an ever-growing and closely-knit community of ecosystem actors including impact investors, foundations, government agencies, corporate executives, social entrepreneurs and experts committed to improving health care access for humans and animals across Africa with ongoing support from Making More Health.

Investment access support – The program provides each participant with a grant of Euros 50,000 for piloting/testing a new strategy or element of a business model, with the possibility of additional scale-up funds of up to Euros 150,000 for successful pilots. Participants also receive tens of thousands of euros in pro-bono technical support and investment readiness coaching. Also, the program gives program participants the chance to showcase their innovations to a larger community of investors at an annual investor showcase event.

Business Collaboration – Where there is a timely and strategic fit between Boehringer Ingelheim and a participating social venture, there is the potential to explore a strategic business collaboration with significant long-term benefits for both organizations.

Areas of Focus

The program targets social entrepreneurs that meet the below selection criteria and whose organizations contribute either directly or indirectly to human & animal health access in Africa.

Direct contribution: Innovations that contribute directly to healthcare access (for humans and animals) by providing frontline delivery of health products and services to both people as well as to farmers and their livestock. (For people, the accelerator has a particular focus on non-communicable diseases including diabetes, hypertension myocardial infarction, stroke respiratory disease and cancers.) Topics of interest include last-mile delivery, e-health solutions, disease management support services and diagnostic solutions, and one-health models.

Indirect contribution: Innovations that contribute indirectly to healthcare access for humans and animals by enabling solutions that make access to healthcare more affordable, efficient, effective, accessible and sustainable. Topics of interest include health insurance innovations, data analytics, public awareness and education, emergency transport solutions, technology platforms as well as solutions combining health and environmental sustainability.


Review the criteria below to ensure that you qualify before applying;

  • Legal Entity: Business or Social Enterprise
  • Age: At least three years of operation
  • Sector: Any sector that contributes directly or indirectly to human or animal health.
  • Country of operation: Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Revenue: At least USD 100,000 in annual sales revenue.
  • Impact: Clear metrics and evidence of impact
  • Team: Strong team with the right size and level of competency

How to Apply 

To apply for the MMH Accelerator visit the link below


The application deadline is February 7th 2021. For more information, visit their website at