How to Get the Customers You Want – Simple Tips That Just Work

At the center of any successful business is the customer. Every product or service offered is designed with a specific customer in mind – to meet the needs of that customer.

The more customers a business gets, the more money it makes. This is why many businesses are tempted to open their doors to as many customers as possible – sometimes everyone.
In theory, this makes sense but as with anything that tries to accommodate everyone, it runs into a lot of trouble.

For one, you will attract the wrong customers; customers who are just difficult, who don’t see the value you provide, or are willing to pay to enjoy that value.

And that’s an unnecessary headache for any business to handle.

So, how do you avoid that headache or free your business from it if you’re already in it?
Here are a few simple tips to help:

Define Who You Want

The process of attracting your ideal customer starts with defining who that customer is. Creating a customer profile helps you answer some important questions about your target audience like their location, income level, age, core pain points, etc.

But beyond that, your ideal customer must value your product or service and be willing to pay for it.
The clarity you’d gain from this first step is critical to consistently direct your marketing efforts.

Be Direct in Your Communication

How you communicate your offering matters, if it is clear enough you will attract the right customers but if your message is vague, it attracts customers you don’t want. To avoid this, you should:

  • Make sure your marketing materials online or offline, directly address the pain points and customers that you provide solutions for. Give no room for confusion.
  • Take this a step further by outlining the characteristics of your ideal customers. If your ideal customer is a working-class mom that resides in Lekki, Lagos be sure to state that before customers sign up for your products and services. This would help your customers screen themselves and allow only those who fit into your target market to sign up. One great example of this recommendation at work is the Young Entrepreneurship Council – a visit to their website makes it clear that they want only the most successful entrepreneurs 45 and younger that generates a minimum of $1M in revenue.
  • Another great way to reflect the type of customers you’re targeting is with your prices. Your prices should reflect what class of customers you want. If you’re a high-end fashion outlet. Your prices should clearly show that you’re targeting those in the upper-middle class and upper class of the society.

Go Where You Can Find Your Customers

With a clearly defined customer profile, your image of an ideal customer becomes super clear. You know what problems they want solutions to, what solutions they’re already using, and where they can be found.
By establishing your presence where your ideal customers can be found; attending events they attend, promoting your services where they go both online and offline, you have a higher chance of attracting them.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reject Customers…That Don’t Fit

Have you tried signing up for a service and after filling out a brief questionnaire, you get a notification politely directing you to a different provider or denying you service?

What that business has done, is to assess you as a customer and determine that you don’t fit into their ideal customer profile.

More businesses need to do this. Don’t be afraid of putting up a system that automatically filters out unwanted customers – it saves you the time you would otherwise have wasted on the wrong customers and money you would have used to fuel such unfruitful activity.

What’s amazing about this is that a simple google form is all you need to set up your lead questionnaire form and start enjoying the benefits.

Getting the right customers is a constant struggle for businesses, and putting up simple systems as we’ve highlighted above are essential steps that would make you attract just the right type of customers for your business.