How To Stay on Top Of Your Customer’s Mind

Before you can gain market shares, you have to gain a share of your customer’s mind.

Your customers need to think of you when they talk about your industry, they have to remember your business as one of the top businesses in your niche – whatever it is.

Now, this is not an easy task, but it comes with so many benefits.

The first is that customers think of you when they want your services. Without spending any extra kobo or time to convince them.

That also increases the chances that they would buy from you.

For instance, say you ran out of detergent, and the store representative asks what brand you’ll like.

Chances are that the first brand that comes to your mind would be the one you buy.

The second benefit is that it brings repeat business; so many things have to go right for the customer to come back to you for a product or service, but one of those things is that they have to remember you.

Being the top few businesses in the mind of your customer for your industry is so important.

Big businesses realize this, and so they spend billions on advertising just for that reason.

The customer may not buy from them today, but they want to make sure that when he or she is ready, they would be the top businesses they consider.

But spending is not the only way to be the top business in your customer’s mind.

4 Ways To Stay On Top Of Your Customer’s Mind

1. Understand What Your Customer Needs

The top businesses in your mind are businesses that know exactly what you need as a customer.

They know your pain points and have tailored their solutions to meet your needs.

You have to start by understanding the needs of your customers.

What exactly do your customers want to achieve by buying your products or services?

With this insight, you can decide how to present your products to them.

Customers are concerned about the value of your product in terms of price and quality.

You can only stay top in your customer’s mind when your offering is the best where it matters.

2. Differentiate yourself

You have to offer more value to your customer than your competitors are doing.

Often when we talk of differentiation, business owners immediately think of changing their packaging or logo.

You have to show your customer that your business is different in areas that are valuable to them.

If your research shows that your customers value quality more than any other factor.

You have to make sure that your business offers a customer more value for their money than your competitors.

Ask what the biggest challenge or frustration customers face in your industry, and eliminate that problem for your customers.

Add features or services no one else is offering in your market to set yourself apart.

It could be something very little, but if your customers value it, that is all that matters.

3. Stay Consistent

Customers hate businesses they can not predict.

It makes it difficult for them to know what to expect, and that leads to confusion in their minds and a lack of trust.

Make sure the quality of your product is consistent over time.

Make sure your communication is consistent as well.

Help your customers know what to expect from you.

This is crucial because their choice of a business to patronize is based on a level of trust they have established over time.

Imagine if you go to a food kiosk and their soup is peppery today, salty tomorrow, delicious the next day.

Going there would be a struggle because you don’t know what to expect.

4. Always Be Adapting

The needs of the customer are always changing.

Many businesses that were the best in their industries ten years ago are no longer remembered.

Because they failed to change with the fast-changing needs of customers.

Being a top business in your customer’s mind is not as difficult as maintaining that status over time.

It takes a lot of hard-working, continuous listening to customers and modifying your products to meet those needs to achieve.

Only a few businesses have achieved it, and you can be next if you follow the tips I shared above.

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