How To Market Your Small Business On LinkedIn (And Get Results)


You don’t have to be a professional marketer, to successfully market your small business on LinkedIn or any other social media platforms.

But, it’s surprising that many small business owners in Nigeria are not taking advantage of this opportunity.

For some, when they do, they do it so poorly, they don’t get any returns on their investment.

Small business owners who know how to market their business using LinkedIn can build brand awareness and relationship with highly targeted customers at a lower cost.

In this article, we share a few really practical tips that would help you properly market your small business on LinkedIn and get the results you want.

Tips For Marketing Your Small Business Properly On LinkedIn

Every social media platform is different.

It is important to understand this before proceeding.

LinkedIn is unlike Instagram or Facebook, and success here is not dependent on spam messages or pushy sales techniques.

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals, and for your strategy to work, you must approach it as a professional.

Here are a few tips that would get you started on your way to success on LinkedIn:

1. Set An Objective

You must know what you want to get out of marketing on LinkedIn.

Stating your objective would help guide your strategy as to what you want to achieve and how you would measure the success of your efforts.

Your objective can be to generate leads, or create awareness or become an authority in a niche.

Whatever your objective is, make sure it is clear.

2. Know Your Target Customer

Marketing on LinkedIn works best if you know who you are targeting from the start.

Define what your ideal customer looks like.

If you don’t have a clear picture of your customer, you can create a sketch by answering the following question:

A. Who would buy what we are selling?

B. Where are they located?

C. How much do they earn, what is their job title?

D. What are their pain points and who influences them etc.

The more information you have on your ideal customer, the better you can market to them on LinkedIn.

This is especially important because it helps you, narrow customers, via search by the roles, location etc.

3. Introduce Yourself

LinkedIn has a feature that lets you send a message to customers directly.

Now, you cannot just be first and just start sending messages to random people.

You have to research your customers and make sure they fit into your ideal customer profile before sending them a message.

Even then, you have to be careful how you introduce yourself and what you’re offering.

If you’re hard-selling, it’s usually a turn-off (remember what we said earlier).

Try to understand their challenges and present your products or service as a solution.

The more interactive and personalized it is, the better.

But then again, you can craft your message well enough and send it to a segment of customers that fit your customer criteria and have common challenges.

LinkedIn lets you send messages in bulk to up to 50 customers at once.

4. Follow-up

If you cannot allot time to follow-up customers who have indicated an interest in your product, you shouldn’t make the introduction in the first place.

Answer any question they may have, give a little nudge when they need it and get their details.

So that you can add them to your email list where you can continue to stay in touch.

5. Prioritize Quality Content

On LinkedIn, you can share content like articles, text, image, videos or slides.

This means more content types than other social media types.

Small business owners who want to succeed in marketing their business on LinkedIn should understand that more customers are approaching businesses instead.

This is called inbound marketing, and the quality of content you post and how relevant it is to them would determine if they choose you or your competitor.

So make sure your content brings value to your target customers when they come across it.

6. Advertise

Like Twitter or Facebook, you can advertise your business on LinkedIn.

This would help amplify your efforts and make you reach more customers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn advertising includes sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, or Text Ads, etc.

Which offers small businesses more access to highly targeted customer sets.

7. Build A Network

LinkedIn is a social media platform and hence thrives on networking.

To build a network around your small business, you can start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and that of your employees (if possible, get them to engage with your posts too).

This would increase the visibility of your company page as it can be seen by anyone who interacts with your employees.

Beyond your employees, you can also interact with your suppliers, partners and others in your industry. This would also help increase your visibility.

Next, you can join various groups and communities that are formed around your niche or where your customers are.

The strategy here is to be as helpful as possible without hard-selling; this way they come to trust you for value and would like to learn more by interacting with your page.

With 700 million-plus members, LinkedIn is a great platform to market your small business whether it’s a B2C or B2B.

Hopefully, you take the few tips shared in this article and do the most important thing – EXECUTE.

Get all the help you need to market your business like a Pro, plus everything else you need to run a profitable small business in Nigeria.

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