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4 Ways To Upgrade Your Customer Service Delivery

Every day small businesses are losing customers despite having amazing products and services.

And the reason is simple; many small businesses have poor or non-existent customer service.

And it gets worse; studies have shown that customers lost due to poor customer service delivery are likely to share tales of their terrible experiences with people in their network.

Making it even difficult for the business to attract new customers.

Good customer service puts the customer in the centre.

It means that the business tries to be as helpful as it can to the customer.
Guiding them through their journey for solutions in a matter that exceeds their expectations.

How exactly? Then keep reading!

4 Ways To Upgrade Your Customer Service

1. Know Your Customer

Good customer service starts with a good knowledge of who the customer is.

If you don’t know who you’re serving how will you be able to offer them the best service?

Knowing who your customers are, what their motivations and pain points are.

As well as why they are using your products/services is important to provide them with stellar customer service.

Good knowledge of your customers upgrades your customer services delivery by turning it from being reactionary to being proactive.

2. Train Your Customer Service Representative(s)

Many small businesses, unfortunately, believe that customer service is all about having someone receive calls and reply to emails.
But customer service is more critical than that.

Good customer service, helps your business to gain insight into the needs of your customers, form relationships with them, and even increase their brand loyalty.

This is why small businesses must adopt a different mindset on the role customer service plays in their business.

A customer service representative must be trained to listen to customers and respond with empathy.

A good customer representative must have good knowledge of the product or service.

This is important so that they can be as helpful as possible when responding to customer inquiries.

A good customer service agent has to be trained to have the right attitude (learn how to speak with the right tone of voice and language) and handle angry customers well.

3. Optimize For Convenience

Nobody wants to wait for hours before getting through to customer service reps.

This is why businesses must design their customer service system with convenience in mind.

To ensure that your customer service system does not become a source of inconvenience for your customers, you need to always be on the lookout, for new ways to innovate around the customer’s journey.
You can start by ensuring that your staff have a fast response time; use more staff and technology to reduce wait time and be less burdensome.

Provide simple, easy to use self-help resources for your customers, etc.

4. Create Room For Creativity

Some of the best customer service stories we heard and read occurred because customer service reps took the initiative.

They went above and beyond to meet the needs of customers.

From the stories about Zappos to Amazon and co, customer service delivery is better when there is room for creativity.

This is one thing that is missing in many customer service delivery today.

Customer service reps need to know that they would not be penalized for not doing things by the books.

For this to happen, the business needs to start by treating its employees well. Happy customer service reps are more likely to be creative and be very helpful to customers.

There also needs to be a culture that rewards creativity among employees in general and customer service reps specifically.

Many small businesses’ customer service is long overdue for an upgrade.

Take the time, execute the ideas above and see the benefits roll in.

Don’t stop at upgrading your customer service, upgrade your entire business as well.

Contact The SME Coach to guide you through the process.