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7 Proven Ways To Optimize Your Sales Pitch To Convert More Prospects

You don’t have to stick with your old sales pitch that no longer works.

You can optimize it to bring in more sales.

Unfortunately, many business owners stay stuck with a poor converting sales pitch and just hope it works.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to change your strategy.

Update your sales pitch and see how easier it is to meet your sales goals.

Let’s walk you through seven ways you can make your sales pitch better and more effective.

7 Ways To Optimize Your Sales Pitch To Convert More Prospects

1. Tell A Compelling Story

Wrapping your pitch around a story is a great way to make your sales pitch more effective.

It works because a story can easily captivate the attention of your audience.

It is relatable and helps simplify what you’re offering to the prospect.

Use stories to show your product or service would take your prospect from where they are to where them what to be. Help them see themselves in your story.

2. Personalize Your Pitch

Make your pitch less of a generic script and customize it specifically for your prospect.

A good place to start is to structure your sales pitch to be conversational, use illustrations that your prospect can relate to, and focus on how your business can solve their specific problems.

By personalizing your pitch, you make it less of another boring presentation that is easy to forget and more of a dialogue that builds trust, further understands your prospect and what they want and ultimately pushes them further along the sales funnel.

3. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Whatever the objective of your pitch is, you want them to take action as soon as now.

But that is not possible when you have not embedded a sense of urgency into your pitch.

Whether you’re pitching to individuals or businesses, it is important to incentivize them to take action immediately.

Customers may find your product incredible, and love your pitch, but may not take action because immediately because of procrastination.

By embedding a sense of urgency into your pitch, you make it a priority for them to take action now, and make your sales pitch more effective.

4. Take The Double-Edged Approach

Review your sales pitch and make sure it is appealing to the emotions of prospects as well as presenting them with facts.

A sales pitch that focuses on appealing to the emotions alone would not be as effective as one that does the two. Vice versa.

Customers buy with their hearts, so appealing to feelings such as fear, love, etc. is critical.

But you also need to back it up with facts, so they can rationalize their decisions to themselves and others.

Optimizing your sales pitch to appeal to both emotion and logic increases the odds that you would achieve the objectives of your pitch.

5. Make Your Pitch Easy To Understand

The easier your pitch is for your prospect to understand, the better your chances of converting them.

Structure your pitch, so it flows simply, uses easy to understand grammar (avoid technical terms as much as possible), keeps your central message clear and short.

Your goal is to get a sale, not to show them your grammatical dexterity.

6. Prepare For The Worst

Don’t be like the salesperson that cannot go ahead with his pitch because the projector won’t come on.

Be prepared.

Practice your pitch enough times, so you’d be able to present it with or without slides, or when you have to deliver in less time than you planned for.

7. Never Forget Your Call To Action

Never forget to ask your prospect to take action at the end of your pitch.

The truth is that many salespeople expect the prospect to know what to do after they’ve pitched to them, but it’s always better to assume that they don’t.

Ask them directly as clearly as possible to do what you what them to do. If you want them to make a purchase, ask them to do that.

Never assume that they know what to do.

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