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4 Simple Strategies To Improve Efficiency In Your Small Business

If you want your business to run more efficiently – without your constant supervision, then you need to create systems.

Creating a system would help your business run smoother and reduce human errors, reduce costs and reduce the need for your supervision (which means you have more time to do more meaningful things).

But for your business to be better off, you have to create systems that address the specific needs of your business.

Check out this step-by-step guide on building business systems from scratch.

Here are 4 simple systems we’ve found helpful in increasing business efficiency.


Four (4) Simple Systems To Improve Small Business Efficiency

1. Checklists & Process manuals

A checklist is a to-do list. It lists activities that need to be done, items needed to complete a task.

It serves as a reminder in cases where these items or activities are long and easy to forget.

If you find that your order fulfilment team constantly forget to carry out essential tasks on orders before they’re sent to customers, then a simple checklist would do the magic.

Much like checklists, process or instruction manuals are important guides for employees when they get confused or need help completing a task.

It is a document that explains the step-by-step process of performing an activity.

2. Calendars

Calendars are one of the oldest business systems that are still important in improving business efficiency.

Calendars can be used to ensure that your business meets important deadlines, and help you create a repeatable timeline for important dates.

And thanks to technology, we can use them more creatively.

Like setting email alerts for keywords that are important to your business or reminders for important events, even to the exact time.

3. Sales Scripts

Sales scripts help your business improve its efficiency, by increasing the number of leads a salesperson can convert.

Because they are structured to fit your ideal customer, your salespeople can handle objections before they occur, stay consistent with your message through the conversation.

It also guides new hires and non-sales people to make sales calls and do it with more success without the need for hand-holding.

4. Response Templates

Like sales script systems, small businesses can increase their efficiency by saving the time it takes to send marketing emails, customer responses via email or social media.

Especially when it comes to frequently sent responses.

Small businesses can create a template that saves time and makes it easy to spend weekly or monthly newsletters or save responses for different customer responses, so their customer representatives can respond faster and without having to type it out every single time.

Now that you know these simple systems you can use, it’s time to implement them.

Help Your Small Business Run Efficiently