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How To Improve Sales Conversion Rate For Your Small Business

Many small business owners seem to have given up on improving their sales conversion rate.

They have tried hiring superstar salespeople, they tried reducing their prices, and sometimes make promises they can’t keep just to close more sales.

But they have learnt that these tactics never help. If anything, they may sometimes hurt the business.

If you want to be able to convert a good number of leads to customers, and ultimately increase your sales and profit, then this article is for you.

Keep reading to learn the five (5) simple ways you can increase your sales conversion rate.


5 Ways To Improve Your Sales Conversion Rate

1. Build/Review Your Sales Funnel

Building a sales funnel is like building a foundation for your sales process to be more efficient.

A sales funnel helps your business avoid asking for a sale too early or too late.

It helps you build trust, prove your expertise and develop your relationship with your leads.

With your sales funnel, you’re able to convert leads to customers by taking them on a journey from discovery or awareness to purchasing with ease.

Many small businesses jump into trying to convert leads to customers without understanding their problems, where they are on the funnel and the kind of message they need to hear to help them take action.

All of which a sales funnel would help you do.

By building or reviewing your sales funnel, you would certainly improve your rate of conversion.

2. Generate Quality Leads

If a farmer gets good seeds, there are more chances that he or she will get good yields than if s/he has to plant from randomly selected seeds.

As it is for the farmer, so it is for your small business.

The better the quality of leads your business can generate, the more likely it is that a good number of them will convert.

Don’t focus on the number of leads you can generate, if they aren’t good, it will be a waste of time and energy.

Define your ideal customer, and target them in your marketing campaigns.

Again, to improve your sales conversion rate, you have to improve the number of good leads that you generate.

3. Create A Compelling Offer

Make it easy for your customers to buy your goods or services.

As compared to your competitors, your product must be perceived as the better option.

The best way to convince your customers you are better than the competition is to show them how your products perform better than theirs.

Highlight at least one area (that customers care about) that your product does better than the competition.

After all, customers tend to compare products constantly.

Another aspect of making your offer competitive is to remove or reduce the risk of buying your products or services.

Offering the ability for customers to return a product, or a warranty etc. would make the customers feel comfortable enough to take action.

Other ways you can make it easy for your leads to become customers is by creating incentives and offering social proof to nudge them towards buying.

4. Set-Up A Follow-Up Campaign

People are busy, and sometimes if you fail to follow up, they may forget about your products and jump on to something else.

This is why it is important to set up effective follow-up campaigns that serve as gentle reminders for your leads to move on to the next phase of your sales funnel.

Setting up email, call or SMS follow-up campaigns can increase your chances of converting more leads.

5. Train Your Sales People

Yes, you trained your salespeople when they first started working with your business but is that enough?

Continual training is the only way to ensure that your salespeople are better at converting leads into customers.

Provide them with the knowledge and support they need to deliver excellent results.

To be able to increase your conversion rate, you have to empower the people who execute your sales strategies to deliver.

Improve Your Sales Conversion Rate With Ease